In recent years there has been a revolution in restaurants in Israel. In the past, one could enjoy quality restaurants in Israel in particular cities: Jerusalem Restaurants, Restaurants in Tel Aviv and Haifa restaurants. But today, because of changes that restaurants in Israel made, one can find fine restaurants in Israel in the outlying areas of large population centers, e.g. restaurants in the Negev, Dead Sea restaurants and more. These restaurants serve the locals and the vacationers who come to the area.
The center of restaurants in Israel in the Galilee region is located in Rosh Pina in the Upper Galilee. More than 20 different restaurants can be found in Rosh Pina. Other restaurants have evolved in the Galilee; some manage to attract a large crowd, including: Bat Yaar restaurant, Leshinski restaurant in Metulla, and Ein Kamonim Restaurant.
Restaurants in Israel in the Golan Heights area have gained momentum. Restaurants in the Golan Heights are a great way for a couple to spend a night together. There's nothing like good food by candlelight with a view of the Golan Heights in restaurants in the Golan Heights, whose proprietors ensure that the atmosphere is right in a way that only they know.
Several examples of successful restaurants in the Golan Heights: Restaurant Mosbotz, Siam Restaurant, Restaurant Hamat Gader.
For thousands of years it has been known that the Dead Sea is good for body and soul. It now also appears that the Dead Sea Restaurants fit wonderfully into the nature of the place, and have become leaders of restaurants in Israel. Dead Sea restaurants offer excellent quality time, in the magical atmosphere of tranquility, scenery, and nature. 

The Gilboa Spice Farm

The Gilboa Spice Farm Restaurant is located in a tree structure on the side of Mount Gilboa, its windows overlooking the breathtaking view of the Iezreel Valley, Galilee and the Carmel.
In the Gilboa Spice Farm Restaurant we offer a Mediterranean menu with a French and Italian influence: vegetarian option.
The restaurant has 100 seats.

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The Dafna fish Restaurant

The air-conditioned Dafna fish Restaurant is located near Kibbutz Dafna in the Upper Galilee, overlooking the Mount Hermon.
Around the restaurant there is a trout farm. The fish come to the restaurant straight from the pool.
In addition, the Dafna Fish Restaurant offers: Dennis and tilapia fish, grilled meats, vegetarian dishes, and desserts. The restaurant is kosher. 70 places.

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Yad Hashmona restaurant

Yad Hashmona restaurant is located in Yad Hashmona - a community in the mountains near Jerusalem. The restaurant is located in a spectacular setting and offers a great view of an ancient landscape.
The Yad Hashmona restaurant has authentic Finnish wood, and the atmosphere is warm and hospitable.
The restaurant has 200 seats.
The restaurant menu has a variety of dishes and includes dairy or meat meals.
Kosher restaurant with kosher certificate.

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The Lebanese Restaurant Abu Gosh

The Lebanese Restaurant Abu Gosh, lies in the picturesque village of Abu Gosh, on the way up to Jerusalem.
The Lebanese Restaurant Abu Gosh is known for offering the finest Oriental dishes, originating from the renowned Lebanese cuisine. We offer a rich and varied menu with a selection of fresh salads, meats, and, of course, a variety of sweet dessert experiences.
The Lebanese Restaurant Abu Gosh has about 200 seats. There is access for the disabled.

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